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    VW Golf GTI GTX3076 0-402m@10.8sec 2WD TSI World Record

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Chiptuning Procedure

Definition of ECU Tuning / Chiptuning

is the electronic method of tuning a car, by intervening to the factory electronic control unit and tuning all the necessary parameters in order to implement a correct and reliable mapping for the mechanical subset of every vehicle.

How we work

There are 3 ways of working:

* OBD reflash

With the OBD reflash, remapping is done using the OBD diagnostic port and chip reflashing!

* BDM/Boot Mode

BDM/Boot mode, is the process followed to reflash the EMS outside the car, more commonly known as bench reflashing. This process is mainly used in remote upgrade cases
(Bosch MED17/EDC17) in order to restore the EMS to OBD flashable condition.

* Desoldering chiping

This process is used to old technology electronics that haven't got the ability for OBD reflash or Boot mode. In this case the necessary chip is removed from the ECU, reprogrammed via chip programmer and put back to the ECU. 

Revlimit offers 3 ECU tuning choices:

Aggressive tuning:

Using this setting, the maximum output of the engine is achieved regardless of the characteristics of each Car. Use of at least 100 octane fuel is needed.

Fuel choices:

  1. filling station 100oct
  2. 100oct + watermethanol injection
  3. E85 Biofuel
  4. LPG
  5. Racing fuels

 Switching of different fuel types can be done via the multimap control function, eg:

                   map 1: 100oct
                   map 2: 100oct + watermeth
                   map 3: LPG/E85
                   map 4: Racing fuels

Eco Tuning:

In that case, the lowest possible fuel consumption is achieved compared to the original Car. Output remains to the factory level.

Normal Tuning:

Normal upgrades like stage1, stage2 etc are provided in this case. Fuel choices are: 95, 98, 100 octanes.
In the case of 95 octane fuel, fuel consumption remains to the factory level, whereas in 98/100 octane fuel, there is a noticeable drop to the consumption on conservative driving. Output is increased cause of the higher timing advance.

Also multimap control with different fuel types can be activated:

                  map 1: Stock
                  map 2: 95oct optimization
                  map 3: 98/100oct optimization

Revlimit has the capability to remap with four different ways:

  • By mailing the ECU
  • Via e-mail
  • Software upgrade in our place
  • Software upgrade via our representatives

 Mailing the ECU:

You send us the ECU, we remap it and we send it back to you  the same day.
*This applies only to Stage 1 upgrade or base cranking file for big turbo applications.

Via e-mail:

File service - Tuner's support

Software upgrade in our place:

Visit us

Software upgrade via our representatives:

You come in contact with us via our network of partners and we upgrade your car.

Chiptuning Stages

Stage 1

No modifications to the engine or the peripherals are required.

  • Stage 1 Software upgrade
  • Optional free airflow filter


 Stage 2

  • Free airflow intake
  • Full exhaust or dekat choice for race use
  • Intercooler installation (where is required)
  • Stage 2 Software upgrade


Stage 2+

In this stage, some engine parts and peripherals will have to be replaced, except the
turbocharger which remains the same as before.

So we need:

  • Stage 2+ Software upgrade

And some of the following upgrades:

  • Bigger turbo
  • Fuel Pump with more fuel supply
  • Injectors with more fuel supply
  • Pressure sensors (MAP sensor)
  • Mass airflow sensor (MAF sensor)
  • Wastegate
  • Watermethanol


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