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    VW Golf GTI PTE6266 877Hp

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    VW Golf GTI GTX3076 0-402m@10.8sec 2WD TSI World Record

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    VW Polo GTI PTE 5130 setup

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    Abarth Grande Punto PTE 5128 418whp

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    VW Golf GTI GTX3071 setup 




Audi A4 1.8T 790Hp - PTE6062

IMG 3954aPTE6062 turbo for the 1.8 20VT engine of Audi A4, including many mechanical upgrades.




Stock engine specs

Capacity: 1781cc                           
bore x stroke: 81 x 86.4 (mm)
Compression ratio: 9.5:1
Turbocharger: KKK K03

Full boost: 0.6bar@1750 rpm
Constant pressure:0.4bar
Pressure at revlimit:0.35bar
Revlimit: 6500 rpm

Power: 150 & 163hp
Torque: 210Nm



Engine upgrades:

 -Pressicion pte 6062 full v band Turbo
-44mm external tial
-Blow off valve 50μμ tial
-AEM Watermethanol kit
-Injectors Bosch 1150cc
-Pistons CP custom
-Connecting rods dp
-Valves, springs & retainers Supertech
-Big port AGU head with porting
-Crankshaft Girdle Kit
-Bolts ARP πάνω κάτω
-Exhaust Manifold Φ48mm
-Intake SEM
-Throttle 70mm
-R8 red coils
-Fuel Pump 340lit aeromotive x2
-Cat cams 3652
-Greedy boost controller

Engine performance:

Constant pressure: 2.4bar
Revlimit               : 8700rpm

Power:  792Hp
Torque:  770Nm

A4 6062 Dyno













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