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    VW Golf GTI GTX3076 0-402m@10.8sec 2WD TSI World Record

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    VW Golf GTI PTE6466 750hp

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    VW Golf GTI PTE6266 877Hp

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    VW Polo GTI PTE 5130 setup

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    VW Golf GTI GTX3071 setup 

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    Abarth Grande Punto PTE 5128 418whp




VW Golf GTI 2.0T PTE 6266

PTE 6266 for the 2.0T engine of VW Golf GTI, including many mechanical upgrades.




Stock engine specs:    

Capacity: 1984cc
bore x stroke: 82.5 x 92.8 (mm)
Compression ratio: 10.5:1
Turbocharger: KKK K03

Full boost: 0.6bar@1700 rpm
Constant pressure:0.5bar
Pressure at revlimit:0.4bar
Revlimit: 6500 rpm

Power: 200hp
Torque: 280Nm



Engine upgrades:

-PTE 6266 turbocharger

-CP pistons lowering compression ration to 9.5:1

-ZRP rods

-Block guard

-ARP flywheel bolts

-Ported head 

-Catcams valvetrain kit

-Ferrea valves

-ΙΕ intake monifold

-Stock throttle body

-Catcams st2 camshafts

-Full 80mm exhaust

-4 x S3 fuel injectors

-4 x ID 1000cc fuel injectors driven by KMS unit

-Kakarakis exhaust monifold

-External WG 44mm

-Toyo intercooler

-Bosch 044 fuel pump

-Autotech high pressure fuel pump

-Plex PBC boost control

-watermethanol kit

-Kournoutis machining

-AWD 4 motion

-Stage 3 Extreme Software upgrade

Engine performance:

Full boost: 3.1bar@4500 rpm
Constant pressure:3.0bar
Pressure at revlimit:2.9bar
Revlimit: 8500 rpm

Power: 877 Hp
Torque: 920 Nm

Fuel: 100oct + AEM WMi 2x 1000cc nozzles

Dyno 100oct:









Dyno VPimport Racing fuel:







Software upgrades:

* userSetable Antilag-Launch Control enabled

* Flatshift enabled

* EPC Shiftlight enabled

* Knock warning enabled (only for WaterMethanol setups)


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