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    VW Golf GTI GTX3076 0-402m@10.8sec 2WD TSI World Record

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    VW Golf GTI PTE6466 750hp

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    VW Golf GTI PTE6266 877Hp

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    VW Polo GTI PTE 5130 setup

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    VW Golf GTI GTX3071 setup 

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    Abarth Grande Punto PTE 5128 418whp




Chiptuning Stages

Stage 1

No modifications to the engine or the peripherals are required.

  • Stage 1 Software upgrade
  • Optional free airflow filter


 Stage 2

  • Free airflow intake
  • Full exhaust or dekat choice for race use
  • Intercooler installation (where is required)
  • Stage 2 Software upgrade


Stage 2+

In this stage, some engine parts and peripherals will have to be replaced, except the
turbocharger which remains the same as before.

So we need:

  • Stage 2+ Software upgrade

And some of the following upgrades:

  • Bigger turbo
  • Fuel Pump with more fuel supply
  • Injectors with more fuel supply
  • Pressure sensors (MAP sensor)
  • Mass airflow sensor (MAF sensor)
  • Wastegate
  • Watermethanol


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