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    VW Golf GTI GTX3076 0-402m@10.8sec 2WD TSI World Record

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    VW Golf GTI PTE6466 750hp

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    VW Golf GTI PTE6266 877Hp

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    VW Polo GTI PTE 5130 setup

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    Abarth Grande Punto PTE 5128 418whp




Mini Cooper S 1.6 THP 175Hp - GTX2860

Upgrade stage up to 340 Hp for the 1.6THP engine found in Mini Cooper S.

Stage 3 upgrade is presented below.



Stock engine specs:    

Capacity: 1598cc                           
bore x stroke: 77 x 85.6 (mm)
Compression ratio: 10.5:1
Turbocharger: KK K03

Full boost: 1bar@1700 rpm
Constant pressure:0.8bar
Pressure at revlimit:0.6bar
Revlimit: 6500 rpm

Power: 175hp
Torque: 260Nm


Stage 3:

Engine upgrades:

-Air filter
-GTX2860gen2 turbocharger
-Forged pistons and rods
-Supertech valve springs
-Boubis camshafts
-Full 70mm exhaust
-Bigger intrercooler
-AEM WMi kit
-Stage 3 Software upgrade

Engine performance:

Full boost: 1.35bar@3000 rpm 
Constant pressure:1.25bar 
Pressure at revlimit:1.2bar 
Revlimit: 7300 rpm

Power: 340hp
Torque: 380Nm


Software upgrades:

The fuel pressure regulator was tuned to 130 bar at high rpm.

The variable valve timing was also tuned, making higher valve overlap at 4000 rpm. 

Use of 100 octane fuel is mandatory.




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